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Terms & Conditions of Use

Terms & Conditions of Service
You, the Patient understands that any feature of the website is used at your own risk. Dean Cross Surgery cannot accept liability for any failed requests. If you decide to request prescriptions or use any other service that may arise on this website, you will have to enter information about yourself that will be sent to us across the internet. This information will not be encrypted and is as safe as normal e-mail. We cannot guarantee that this information will not be seen by others.

Is the system secure?
No, the system is not secure, your details are only run through our servers though and do not go elsewhere. If the online system is used enough to warrant investing in a secure server, we will do so, we just have to trial the system first. The system is basically as secure as normal e-mail.

Will my details be passed on to anyone else?
No, your details are safe with us. We will only use your details to validate who is requesting prescriptions, or to get in contact with you if there is a problem with the request.

How does it work?
The system is simple. You input your requirements into the Order Form, the requirements are then sent to an e-mail inbox set up specifically for prescription requests and then we issue the prescriptions on a daily basis Monday - Friday.

Can I still pick up my prescription from the chemist?
Yes, the system is no different to ordering your prescriptions in another way. As long as you select where you want to pick up your prescription from the drop down box on the request form, everything will be the same as if you were putting your repeats slip in the request box in the surgery.

Is it fail safe?
We have tested the system as much as we can, and so far have had no problems, apart from a delay in the NHS mail server, which is beyond our control. We cannot guarantee that your request will reach us, which is why we send out an automated message to tell you that your mail has been delivered. However, the automated message does not mean that your request is being seen to. If you don't receive an automated message back within 24 hours, please re-submit your request.

How long will my prescription take?
Your prescription should be ready in 2 working days. However, please bear in mind that our receptionists and doctors are very busy. If you use the prescription request feature of this website, it would be easier all round if you left at least 3 days for us to get your repeat prescription ready for you.


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To use any of the services on this website, you need to agree to our terms and conditions of use.

Please read these before using any service on this website.


NHS Direct offers free expert health information and advice 24 hours a day on 0845 4647 or on their website which also offers an enquiry service.

For deaf people and those hard of hearing, a telephone service is available on 0845 606 4647


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